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    Take Back Your Privacy

    GSMK CryptoPhones are your trustworthy solution for completely confidential encrypted telephone calls – whether by GSM cellular network, 3G/UMTS, satellite, or land line.

    * Fully compatible with Telstra, Optus, & Vodafone

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CryptoPhone 500

360 ̊ Security Armored & Encrypted

The CryptoPhone 500 is a highly secure mobile phone that comes with full source code available for independent review.

Finally, you can perform an independent assessment to ensure that you can rely on strong encryption without any backdoors in the communications device that you entrust with your confidential data and telephone calls.

The GSMK CryptoPhone 500 enables you to put the trust where it belongs – in a trustworthy, open and scientific verification process.

GSMK CryptoPhone encryption technology is based on strong, well-researched algorithms combined with key lengths that provide peace of mind today and in the future.


Voice Encryption

Secure end-to-end encrypted voice over IP calls on any network – GSM, 3G, WLAN • Strongest and most secure algorithms available today – AES256 and Twofish • Readout-hash based key authentication • Encryption keys are destroyed as soon as the call ends.

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Secure Messaging

Based on the same strong encryption algorithms used for GSMK CryptoPhone voice encryption – 4096 bit Diffie-Hellman initial key exchange, AES256 and Twofish message encryption with 256 bit key length • Supports encrypted, self-destructing ‘eyes only’ messages.

Device Protection

Hardened operating system • Secure Android OS built from source code • Baseband firewall • Protection against over-the-air attacks • Baseband attack detection and initiation of countermeasures • Control access to network, data and sensors (camera, microphone, etc.) • Encrypted storage system protects data at rest against unauthorized access.

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Verifiable Source Code

GSMK CryptoPhones are the only secure mobile phones on the market with full source code available for independent security assessments. They can be verified to be free of backdoors, free of key escrow, free of centralized or operator- owned key generation, and they require no key registration.

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